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To locate assessment for the CURRENT year:

Enter an Assessment Number (without leading zeros) and click SEARCH.
This can be the new assessment number, the old assessment number (the 10-digit number found on last year's tax bill), or the new Abstract number (Business Personal Property).

To locate assessment for a PREVIOUS year:

Enter the OLD assessment number (the 10-digit number found last year's tax bill), change the year to the year desired and click SEARCH.

*If you do not know an assessment number, we suggest entering only your LAST NAME and the PHYSICAL ADDRESS - STREET NUMBER and then click SEARCH.

*Submitting incorrect info will prevent the assessment from being found, so only enter information you know to be correct.

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*This search engine contains assessment data with ownership status as of 3/31/2022.

*To use the previous search engine to search historical tax roll data, including title sales/acquisition data, click here.